Hi, I am Unnit.

😅   let disclaimer = "this cute portfolio has not been updated for 4-5 years. Judge me on this + 4-5 years of professional experience.";

💻   I really love to write code, solve problems and develop websites.

🏡   Based in Toronto, currently I am open for Full Stack Web Development opportunities.

 👌    I have solid Web Development experience from Blackberry where I worked on large scaled web projects.

👨‍🎓    I have Master's degree in Computer Science from University of Windsor.

💪   I can work on any technologies, however, my forte is Javascript and its frameworks/libraries like NodeJS, ReactJS etc.

🚀   By developing numbers of projects, I became prominent with whole (Mongo, Express, React, Node) MERN Stack.

⛅   I also have good exposure with Docker, GraphQL, Apollo Client, Git, Amazon AWS and production deployment.

👀   Being keen follower of Test Driven Development (TDD), I've worked with frameworks like Jasmine, Mocha and NightWatch.

 🚦    I believe in getting things done as productively as possible!

📌   Feel free to checkout my projects, demos, GitHub and reach out to me if I can be a good fit in your team.


Front-end Development
Back-end Development
Database & ORM
Tools & Technologies


Cutest Dogs Ever!

A ReactJS website showing images of dogs at click of a button.

News Videos Streaming

A website allowing users stream videos with ID.


An iOS and Android mobile app.

eCommerce Web Data Scrapper

Built on Python, helps people scrap data from sites to excel sheets.

Give Me Advice!

A beautiful ReactJS web app giving random advice!

Meme Maker - React

Make your own image based memes and download it.

Disk Space Checker - CLI Bash Script

Script to check total and available disk space in command line.

AJAX File Streaming, Parsing & Rendering

A CSV Parser tool with no Back-end involved.

Photomania - ReactJS

A Google Images alike prototyped app showing photos annd albums,

KungFu Club - Full Stack PHP Website

A large scaled university web project based on PHP.

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